viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013

Never lose your curiosity. The secret of a young soul.

Never lose your curiosity, because thats what keeps your soul young. Have you ever though about the relation between curiosity and the joy of life?

When you lose you curiosity, you start losing the joy of living. The losing of your curiosity elders your spirit, your soul.

A child has constant curiosity for seeing, for learning. Sadly, that joy starts fading out as answers are given. But there is still so much more to learn about. Hundreds of lives would be needed to just know a small part of all...the infinite.

I usually evade people who say to know everything. Those who have the answer for all things. I specially evade those who say to know everything about energies. The reason is because there will never be someone who will even know a thousandth part of it. It's a fact.

Instead of being frustrated about so many new things to learn, this should be an incentive for being even more curious about life. Search through it, believe in yourself, your feelings, your own energies. Never be accomplished. Forget the "what will they say" and never forget being curious. That way your soul will always remain young.

Thank you fir being there, i learn from all of you, we all learn from everyone.

Happy Friday!

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