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Toxins cause blockages and steal your vital energy. How do they affect? How are they removed?

Toxins are residues that would normally be expelled in the form of sweat , carbon dioxide , urine, feces, etc.  They result from the internal combustion engine that produces energy and should be eliminated.

Unfortunately toxins index medium is much higher than it should be. Toxins are poisonous to our physical body and weight to our energy and spirit. Toxins other than physical damage, cause discomfort , lack of energy, lack of optimism , lack of concentration. inability to carry out projects , irritability, lower self-esteem , cause laziness , of course lower the intensity of the aura ( with which we are more exposed to negative energies ) and close the chakras.

A person who removes toxins have more zest for life, more joy, more energy and strength to develop projects , optimism and a great magnet for others. Aesthetically your skin has more light, younger, more eyes shine, like the hair.

To remove them regularly, you have to rethink a few things in your daily life . Plan of action:

Exercise . At least 3 days a week . Physical activation generates heat and sweat. By the sweat toxins are removed . Activating the body, activating muscle machinery in a normal way ( from walking to cardio ) the natural elimination of toxins is activated.
Power. Occasionally recommend a day of detoxification in which only fruits, dairy substitutes ( rice milk type , coconut ) , nuts, seeds (almonds , sesame, sunflower) , steamed vegetables , peas , olive oil and consumed water . In the diet , also introduce these foods and eat healthy and in moderation .
Exercise to detoxify spirit damage . To do this I advise visualizations, meditations , yoga or any discipline that harmonizes body and mind.
Complementing advise a purifying infusion ( 196 to 199 recipes cookbook Dr. Vander ) :

Performing consistently as above, removal of toxins is much higher than what you're used to and the physical and energy benefits are secured.

Thank you.


Pd / If after reading this article you decide to start treating from the new year, your rate of toxins is high. Toxins affect our mind to delay objectives that benefit us.

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